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Our high-quality wood products are ethically sourced from around the globe. Depending on where you display or how you use your bowls, the wood will age differently. It’s essential to keep up with simple care for your bowls so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Our guide will help you maintain the beauty of your wood bowls & other wood items.

  First things first, DO NOT:

  • Soak in water or let water stand in bowls
  • Clean in the dishwasher
  • Use in a microwave or conventional oven
  • Leave in direct sunlight for extended periods
  • Put bowls in the fridge full of moist food
  • Use vegetable or olive oil to clean; it could go rancid and tacky

Ok, here are the DO’s:

  • Enjoy with food often - they’re food safe and can be used daily!
  • Hand wash in warm water with mild soap
  • Season your bowl regularly


Let's Talk Seasoning!

You can start seasoning, also known as oiling, as often as you’d like. Usually the more you use the bowl the less you would need to season. It’s up to you, but when you notice your bowl appears dull or drier to the touch, it needs some TLC.



1. Prepare Wood Bowl

Make sure the bowl is completely clean and dry. Start by wiping down the surface with cloth to remove any dust or debris. If the bowl feels fuzzy or there is any damage/scratches, you can use steel wool or sandpaper progressively (start with fine-grit) to rub on the area until smoothed out.

2. Get Your Polish

We recommend a food grade beeswax wood polish. Coconut Oil (Refractionated) mixed with some beeswax would work too. Oil penetrates and dries in the wood. Wax provides an additional moisture barrier and doesn't wash off all that easy. 

3. Polish Bowl

Take a clean, soft cloth or microfiber towel and apply the polish evenly, along the grain making sure to completely cover the bowl.

4. Let Soak

Leave the polish on to soak in as long as possible, at least a few hours or overnight.

5. Finishing Touches

Remove the excess polish with a dry cloth and buff so the bowl isn’t damp or sticky. You’ll notice the bowl is now slightly darker with a beautiful shine.


All done! Your wood bowl has renewed life! The oil penetrates the wood and hardens as it dries, it protects the wood and shows off its natural color and grain. Use of oil will help to maintain the newness of your bowl so that it does not lose its shine from constant contact with water. The bees oil also improves the water resistance of the bowl. 


Quick Wood Salad Bowl Seasoning Tip:

Seasoning is used to increase the functionality of the wood bowl by removing any impurities from the wood bowl, helping to improve its smell and taste of the food inside it. One great cleaning acid for this can also be lemon juice. Lemon which also acts as an anti-bacterial agent adds its own crisp flavor to the wood bowl when used to serve salads. To season with lemon simply cut the lemon in half and rub the insides of the wood bowl with it, squeeze gently as you rub to allow the lemon juice flow generously. Drain any excess juice from the wood bowl before use. If you don't want the added flavor of the lemon in your salad, you shouldn’t season with lemon it immediately before use. 


Having a high-quality wood bowl is the first step. Following these care tips will help them last even longer, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle!  

Download The Wood Bowl Care Guide PDF Here → 

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